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Yanji Smart Community Project

2019-11-08 15:20


shenzhen,China,November,2019  Sanhe Town, Yanji City is located at the Yalu River port on the Sino-North Korean border and is a well-known "matsutake hometown". In order to improve the service level of urban public facilities in the region, a smart community project has been planned and constructed since 2018. Electronic display and WiFi construction.
Considering that the project is relatively remote, we will complete the debugging of the equipment and system before delivery, so that only one engineer is needed to perform the installation work on site. After the power is connected to the network, the equipment is successfully networked and plug-and-play is achieved. This project is also equipped with an industrial control computer to achieve remote operation of the whole system, which greatly reduces the cost of later maintenance. In addition, the area has a harsh climate, and the winter temperature can reach minus ten degrees Celsius. We have used a large number of industrial-grade equipment. The equipment currently runs stably and has stood the test.








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Based on our long-term experience in street lamp project construction, we independently developed a complete set of smart lamp pole technology and product scheme, realized lighting, monitoring, WiFi, display screen, environmental monitoring and other functions, and established its own technical standards in product testing, so as to better serve customers and urban construction. We can provide cable communication, wireless communication, power carrier three communication mode options, city power, solar power, wind power three power supply options; all equipment before delivery are tested and debugged, after arriving at the site can automatically network, without on-site settings; the vast majority of equipment are manufactured to industrial standards to adapt to harsh outdoor environment, at the same time It also provides one-year warranty service; relying on our self-developed cloud platform, it can be easily managed. Mature technology, high cost performance!




Founded in 2001, we are a high-tech enterprise certified by the Chinese government, mainly involved in smart street lamps and smart lamp poles. We have a capable and efficient team to follow the latest changes in the field of Internet of things and strive to create new brilliance!


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