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Power Carrier Single Light Controller

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Product Description

The core chip of this single lamp controller is the independently developed Power Line Carrier Communication (SoC) integrated circuit XN5106, which integrates PLC carrier communication circuit, 32-bit CPU (64k byte Flash and 16k SRAM) and hardware adaptive automatic routing algorithm , Reliable and easy to maintain, is a smart street light energy-saving product specially developed for street light systems


Product Features

  • Communication using wires
  • Circuit measurement
  • Line protection
  • Street lamp damage alarm
  • 1 control output
  • Industrial protection
  • Adapt to many types of lamps


Technical Parameters

  • Size: 80x55x105 (mm)
  • Input power: AC 176 ~ 264V
  • Insulation resistance: not less than 2Ω
  • Insulation strength withstand 4kV / 50Hz
  • Able to withstand short-term impact of standard lightning wave with amplitude of 6kV (1.2uS / 30uS)
  • 220Vх1.9 voltage, the device will not be damaged for a long time
  • Power Line Carrier Communication Center Frequency 330kHz
  • Bandwidth ± 25kHz
  • Carrier communication baud rate: 2.4kbps
  • Static power consumption (electronic ballast / LED street light): 1.4W
  • Dynamic power consumption: 2W / 3W
  • Dimming electronic ballasts or LED street lights with 1 PWM or 1 0 ~ 10V analog output
  • Provide 1 channel constant power output for inductive high pressure sodium lamp for dimming
  • Equipped with equipment overcurrent and overvoltage protection
  • With current, voltage, power, frequency, temperature, brightness and status detection functions
  • Working temperature: -25 ~ + 70 ℃
  • Operating humidity: 10% ~ 95% RH
  • Lamp adaptation: sodium lamp, magnesium lamp, LED lamp, electrodeless lamp, etc.


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