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TC-Smart LightBox

· Plug and play · Single light level control · Custom lighting · Smart management · Industrial protection · Wireless communication
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TC-smart lightbox

Product Description

TC-Smart LightBox is an industrial-grade smart lighting electric box with single light control level. Modular design and web operation interface, in addition to the custom lighting of the branch, can also achieve single light control, status monitoring and brightness adjustment. The single-light controller and the electric box are arranged in the existing or new street light network, and the intelligent lighting can be realized immediately at low cost.



  • Field plug and play
  • Support ZigBee / power carrier communication
  • Single light level control and condition monitoring
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Lighting plan customization
  • Cloud platform management
  • Industrial protection
  • Wireless communication


Technical Parameters

  • Box size: 250mm * 150mm * 400mm (can be customized)
  • Power supply: AC220v
  • Optional 2/4/6/6/8 relay output
  • Support single channel remote opening and closing
  • Supports autonomous lighting, time-of-day lighting, day-of-week lighting, midnight lights, all-night lights, light-sensitive lighting
  • Maximum output current: 16A
  • Maximum load: 5000w
  • Device communication: 2G, ZigBee communication / power carrier
  • Maximum number of single light controllers that can be connected to a single zigbee / power carrier gateway: 150
  • Support single light control and status monitoring
  • Support arbitrary adjustment of street light brightness between 0 ~ 100
  • ZigBee parameters:
  • 2.4G ISM Global Free Band
  • Number of wireless channels: 16
  • Single network capacity: 65535 nodes
  • Power carrier parameters:
  • Power Line Carrier Communication Center Frequency 330kHz
  • Bandwidth ± 25kHz
  • Carrier communication baud rate: 2.4kbps
  • Working temperature: -25 ~ + 70 ℃
  • Operating humidity: 0% ~ 90% RH

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