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TC-AI Box Artificial Intelligence Electric Box

· Plug and play · AI control Comprehensive access device types · Local operation and maintenance · Ad hoc network · Smart management · Industrial protection
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TC-AI box

Product Description

TC-AI Box smart electric box is a flagship product that meets the hardware construction field of the smart community. It can directly access street lights, cameras, sensors, wireless APs and electronic displays to meet the mainstream equipment access requirements in the construction of smart communities. At the same time, incorporating AI technology, when people and cars are found, the brightness of street lights is automatically adjusted, and various types of reminders are issued on the display. Modular design, convenient equipment installation and expansion. Loaded directly on the light pole, it can quickly and cost-effectively realize the construction of smart communities.



  • Field plug and play
  • AI control
  • Comprehensive access device types
  • Multiple routing
  • Ad hoc network
  • Cloud platform management
  • Industrial protection


Technical Parameters

  • Box size: 350mm * 300mm * 600mm (can be customized)
  • Power supply: AC 220V
  • Device communication: 4G / fiber / wireless network, ZigBee / power carrier
  • Server uses i5 processor + 4G memory
  • Optional circuit: 2/4/6/6/8 relay output
  • Supports autonomous lighting, time-of-day lighting, day-of-week lighting, midnight lights, all-night lights, light-sensing lighting
  • Support single channel remote opening and closing
  • Support single light level control and condition monitoring
  • Support arbitrary adjustment of street light brightness between 0 ~ 100
  • Maximum number of single light controllers that can be connected to a single zigbee / power carrier gateway: 150
  • Provide 8 POE optical ports with 48V output
  • Supports a variety of Hikvision cameras such as guns, domes, and dome cameras
  • Optional monitoring dedicated NVR and video storage hard disk capacity
  • Support TP-Link wireless AP and bridge
  • Provides 6 serial ports
  • Connectable sensors: temperature and humidity sensor, wind speed and direction sensor, rain and snow sensor, PM2.5 / PM10 sensor, air pressure sensor, CO2 sensor
  • ZigBee parameters: 2.4G ISM global free frequency band, number of wireless channels: 16, single network capacity: 65535 nodes
  • Power carrier parameters: Power line carrier communication center frequency 330kHz, bandwidth ± 25kHz, carrier communication baud rate: 2.4kbps
  • Auto-reclosing: Protect equipment against major electrical faults such as over-current and over-voltage
  • Active cooling with temperature controlled fan
  • Working temperature: -25 ~ + 70 ℃
  • Operating humidity: 0% ~ 90% RH


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